Freer Field

This 78-acre park lies near the heart of The City of Ashland and is the most popular ACPD park. It has two miles of hiking trails, including a one-mile paved loop. There are 30 acres of woods, half of which is a magnificent stand of hickories, oaks and other hardwoods, and the other half is a peaceful pine forest full of holly bushes. The trails also travel through grassy meadows, which draw birds and butterflies.

The paved trail circles a large grassy area that offers opportunities for kite flying, Frisbee throwing, and family fun and also serves as the site for BalloonFest every July. The park is a popular site for other Community events, like fund raisers, cross county meets, etc. and also has a historic barn available for rental. It also includes a unique playground designed to be used by able and disabled kids alike. Parking is available by the barn and off Park Street.

Freer Field was donated to the ACPD in 2008 by The Ashland County Commissioners to ensure the property would be maintained as open green space. The County received the property from the Freer family in 1902 “to benefit the children of Ashland County”. For years it served as a home and farm for the orphans of Ashland County. And still today it is benefiting children—and their families. 


Location: 1264 South Center Street, Ashland

Trail Map

Contact: Steve Huber (567.215.6406)