Black Fork Bottoms Hunting Area

This 127-acre property formerly belonged to Tom & Pat Gordon. The Ashland Chapter of Pheasants Forever purchased the property from the Gordon’s and in 2006 gave the property to the ACPD, with the condition that it be maintained as a public hunting area and park.

The park contains several unique habitats, including swamp forest, marsh, grassland and upland forest. The bottoms area of the park is swamp forest where a rare wildflower, green dragon, can be seen. The marsh habitat is home to a variety of native plants including an aquatic carnivorous plant, the bladderwort, and also serves as a breeding ground for waterfowl such as Canada geese and the endangered trumpeter swan. Muskrat lodges dot the marsh and provide nesting platforms for waterfowl.

The grassland is former farmland that has been replanted and now supports a variety of animals including rabbits, deer and grassland birds. The upland forest contains many native trees including oaks, shagbark hickory, sugar maple, and American beech.


Location: 1457 US Route 42

Trail Map

Hunting Map

Contact: Andy McClure (419.606.4561)