Ashland Fire Company Nature Cabin

This 32-acre park offers easy access to the City of Ashland for those interested in light hiking or rental of a charming facility for small or medium events in a wooded location.

The Ashland Fire Company purchased the property and built the cabin as a retreat for the members and as a location for community events. When the Fire Company disbanded in 2012 they donated the cabin and property to the ACPD. The Company built the cabin using 150 year-old barn beams and it has both a furnace and a wood burning stove for winter events. 

The Cabin is open for rentals only, but the park is always available for hiking. There are two miles of trails through a beautiful hardwood forest and on a bridge over a deep ravine. There are picnic tables available where you can relax and enjoy the scenery, or a picnic lunch.


Location: 1498 State Route 511 South

Contact: John Featheringill (567.227.0431)

Trail Map

Cabin Rental