Ashland Fire Company Nature Cabin

In 2012, this 32-acre park and Nature Cabin were donated by the Ashland County Fire Company (ACFC), an off-duty civic organization formed in the 1800’s for firemen and volunteers. They bought the property in 1979 and built the cabin a year later. In the 1980s-90s, many events were held at the cabin, but membership began to decline after 2000. Realizing the property and cabin were falling into disrepair, the ACFC offered the property to the ACPD. The ACFC will continue to have free access to the cabin. 

The hand hewed beams, large windows and beautiful setting in the woods make the cabin a perfect location for a Nature Center. The park also has  trails through beautiful forest and is dog-friendly.

Reserve the Cabin: A kitchen (with refrigerator, microwave, large sink, coffee maker, and croc pots), wood stove, tables and chairs, indoor bathroom, 8 picnic tables, and new fire pit make it perfect for indoor or outdoor events. 


Location: 1498 State Route 511 South

Trail Map

Contact: John Featheringill (567.227.0431)

Park Quest: Use the handout to follow clues on a “quest” with a “treasure” at the end. Great for families.